About us


Ante BV is a family company established in the Netherlands and specialized in the import and export of dairy processing machinery. Our family is running the business together – combining more than 25 years of experience in dairy production, e.g. cheese/yoghurt, with many years of experience in designing and building dairy factories. Herco Hekking has built a dairy factory from the ground up till a company that processes 6 million litres of goat-, sheep and cow milk – ensuring lots of experience on all levels of production, sales and distribution. Combining all this knowledge we offer new and second-hand machinery, as well as complete projects which add value to the business of our clients.


What do we offer?


Our machines are built and rebuild by one of the small family companies we work closely together with. Every family company has their own speciality and their team of specialists ensure the highest quality of work. Every machine is inspected before it leaves our work place and we can combine new and revised machinery in complete projects.

With so many years of experience in manufacturing and maintaining dairy machinery we provide high quality worldwide instalment and maintenance. We share our gained knowledge and experience in milk processing through offering complete projects that add value to your milk, training, as well as maintenance on the machines when needed. For developing countries, we collaborate closely with local partners and establish a local company. Our international team contains more than 30 nationalities for worldwide installation, guidance, training and local service. Besides this, our local companies contain a demonstration dairy, showroom and working place for service and maintenance. This approach makes sure that the clients have the knowledge and skills to produce a good quality product. 


What can you expect?


With Ante BV we want to share our knowledge and passion for the dairy sector. We are located in the Netherlands, but are internationally orientated and provide and install projects all over the world. During the last years, Dutch dairy expertise has become part of the intellectual capital of universities and specialized colleges where this knowledge has been enhanced even further. By cooperating together with these initiatives we ensure our knowledge stays up to date and implied in practice.

Together we can help you to get new or used dairy machinery and equipment, building dairy processing lines and provide you with the necessary training to get the most out of your equipment.


“We strive for the highest quality, and don’t settle for less”

– Herco Hekking


Het Fiester 13
8106PP Mariënheem
The Netherlands

+31572 – 355052


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